About Us


Hello and welcome to Mamacita’s! My name is Brittany and I am the owner and creator of Mamactia’s. Along with my husband, we are a family operated, motherhood inspired clothing and accessory brand.

We founded Mamacita’s after moving to Dallas, TX in 2018. The idea behind our brand name “Mamacita’s” and our logo, the chili pepper, came from influences I had growing up and living in New Mexico. The chili is a striking symbol in New Mexico, seen nearly everywhere in the state, which gave me the original idea to incorporate it into our brand.

My idea for the brand and our clothing products came from my vision to bring a voice to mothers, from all walks of life and from everywhere around the world. We all share things in common as mothers. Helping with homework on a late night, keeping a head count at the grocery store, getting to the bus stop on time, working all day and then coming home for some more to make sure that everyone is ok. Our lives, our families, our passions and our sense of humor all have parts that we share. Being a mother is universal, and I wanted to give every mother something simple to share with each other, a flag that any other mother would see and instantly recognize.

I created Mamacita’s: a clothing brand with phrases and pictures that any mother can relate to and that every mother who sees them can understand.

Being a mother is tough. It’s a full-time job plus overtime. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, frustrating, stressful, and tedious. I wanted to give every mother out there something that would give them a break in their day to smile, something that would start a small conversation between two mother’s at the doctors office as one mother noticed the other’s shirt, something to make every mother feel like they are all in the same club together. The most special and exclusive club there is: motherhood.

I hope that you all enjoy what we’ve created and hope that it does what I set out for it to do: bring every mother closer to one another, their children and their families. Thank you!